Published 24 June 2022

About 150,000 tonnes of rice will be exported from Myanmar to Europe and Africa, including Belgium and Spain, according to a statement from the Myanmar Port Authority.

At present, two 183-meter-long vessels are being berthed at Sule Port for rice export.

Two 186-meter vessels and one 200-meter vessel, a total of five vessels, have been docked.

A total of 143,400 tonnes of rice will be exported to these countries.

One was to Spain; The other will leave for Togo soon.

From April 2021 to March 2022, a total of 135,7202 tonnes of rice was exported from Myanmar through the Sule Port , with rice and rice products being exported annually by sea by bulk carrier vessels.

In the three months from April to June 2022, a total of 582,330 tonnes of rice was shipped by 27 ships. The biggest exporters  of Myanmar rice were Cameroon, China, Angola,  The Philippines and Polan during April, 2022. The biggest buyers of broken rice were China, Spain Netherlands and Poland during same month, according to the Myanmar Rice Association.