Published 18 November 2023

Singapore titled a number one investor by investing more than 300 million dollars in foreign direct investment in Myanmar in the last seven months of this year, according to information from the Directorate of Investments and Companies (DICA),

During a financial year of 2023-2024, From 1 April to the end of 31 October for seven months, foreign direct investment (FDI) entered Myanmar in the amount of USD (567.3 80) million.

In this entry, Singapore invested the most FDI sum of US$ 337.087 million, and China invested the second highest sum of FDI with US$ (205.215) million, DICA said.

Among the highest investors, Hong Kong (SAR)places in the fourth with $14.559 million followed by  Chinese Taipei with 2.2million dollars, the Marshall Islands with 1.3 million dollars , Samoa with $1 million  and The United States with  $1.087 million respectively.

Most of the foreign investment gained by Myanmar was from the electricity sector and invested more than 374 million of the total investment. These figures represented the new entry of FDI not the increments of existing investment, DICA said.

The manufacturing is the second largest investment sector with more than 88 million dollars, followed the transportation and communication sector with more than 77 million dollars and the livestock and aquatic products sectors with  more than 23 million dollars, respectively.